Hollow and Solid Glass Spheres, Ceramic Spheres, Plastic Spheres, and new for ’09: Synthetic Microspheres!

Q-CEL® Hollow Spheres and Extendospheres Hollow Spheres products offer formulators flexibility in polymer composites. The addition of hollow spheres to fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), epoxy, compounds, and urethane castings can provide weight reduction cost savings and improved impact resistance. Insulating features of hollow spheres also work to the chemists’ advantage in thermal shock and heat transfer areas. Sphere One’s hollow microspheres are your best choice when you need lightweight filler.

A range of products with densities from 0.14 to 0.80 g/cm3 provides choices to best fit mixing and target weight requirements.

When used in polymer concrete, hollow spheres provide a cost effective alternative without degrading physical properties.

SPHERICEL® Hollow Spheres are used to enhance performance and reduce viscosity in paints and coatings and as lightweight additives in plastic parts. They are chemically inert, non-porous, and have very low oil absorption.

Adhesives, Auto Body Filler, Caulk, Coatings, Cultured Marble, Epoxy, Putty, Sealants

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General Features (in Thermoplastic Molding applications):
Weight Reduction
Survives Molding Pressure
Dimensional Stability
Mold Flow Properties

Types of Microspheres
Hollow Glass & Ceramic Spheres
Solid Glass Spheres
Plastic Spheres

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